Days off in Tulum


This is going to be my first blog post ever, and my beautiful wife is helping me put it together. Sorry in advance for any grammar mistake or typos, english is not my first language and I’m also a little dyslexic. 


Since apparently net neutrality just got approved and the way internet and censorship is going, I want to use this blog to put my word out there, before it’s too late, and also, share with you a little bit about my experiences and the amazing journey I share with my wife and family.



Ever since we created the Ohrangutang project, thankfully we haven’t had a lot of chances to have days off. We travel a lot to different cities and countries, but we are always on the go, working. In this occasion, we wanted to take a few days off and add some light work. Thanks to our friend Mario, we had the amazing opportunity of staying in 2 very cool hotels: Hip Tulum and Coral Tulum. Both parts of the Ana y Jose group. 


The trip was mentally challenging the first days. From the moment we landed in Tulum for 4 days it didn’t stop raining, we obviously wanted to enjoy the good weather in a beautiful location like this. But we were here and needed to embrace it.


The first day we were shooting two beautiful models, Marisa and Devin, for OHRANGUTANG.TV and it was pouring. We shot under the rain but when it got really bad, we decided to go and try the cenotes. The Taxi took us to Cenote Dos Ojos and and since weather was really bad, there was not a lot of people, but also, there was no light in the caves.


For some stupid reason I forgot my underwater light at the hotel and I left my housing back home because I didn’t think we were going to go to the cenotes. Lurking around we found a cool spot where I was able to get a little bit more light into one of the caves, and basically stayed there doing the main looks.  



The next day we had the same situation, we shot under the rain and around the hotel. And that night we made a small gathering with people from Mexico that wanted to meet us. We had dinner and drinks together, shared some stories and it was a great experience. Im always hesitant to do this, but I always get surprise how much I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. Im always incredibly grateful for the people that take time of their lives to meet us, like some of them, that traveled a few hours to get there. 



The following day we did our regular shooting around the hotel and decided to walk around the area. We found a place where they claim to have the best pizza on earth, and they allowed us to shoot at their pool, the half naked models might have had something to do with that. And also, for the free pizzas they gave us too. 



On the last day of shoots we moved hotels to Coral Tulum that was a little bit easier to work because it had more options in and out of the rooms. But we had 6 models so it was still going to be challenging. 



As soon as we finish the shoots, Cristina and I couldn’t believe we were going to have a few days off. We got the beautiful private pool heated and we just ordered food like chubies.


The day we arrived in Tulum it was the first day of the raining season, 2 hurricanes were passing close by and the tropical storms were hitting where we were staying. That happened for the firsts 4 days, which were the days we were shooting. The last two days that we already had planed that we were going to take off, not only it stopped raining, but the weather was incredible. Some other things happened that made us believe that we definitely needed to take some days off. At the moment we are trying to change our lifestyles and make them less about work, even though we love and enjoy our what we do, some times you need to step back so you can miss it. 


Im attaching a few shitty photos from the trip. Hope you enjoy them.

Some of the Models: @marisarosen @devvvalexis @cindysuzuki_ @lesllyrpena